Empathic Abilities Unleashed

5 Days to Break Free, Reclaim Your Life, & Ignite Your Joy

I'm sorry you missed it. The Summit has ended but you can get lifetime access to the recordings and my Beliefs Are Disposable video course for $77

Unlock expert advice from 25+ leaders and experts who know the struggle and have come out the other side. They're sharing their playbook with you—for free.

Learn how to set solid boundaries, love yourself, and build trust that lasts. Walk away with tools you can actually use.

Create Freedom through Clear Boundaries Series Featuring

Alaina McMurtry

You are Good Enough!

Debora Ellen Wayne

The HighSpeed Healing® Solution for Empaths Who Experience Pain, Fatigue, Sensitivity Overload, Mystery Symptoms & More!

Jenny Lynch

Astrology of 2024

Joel Salomon

How to Become Financially Free

Kerry Burki

Using Color Energy When Setting Energetic Boundaries

Bethany Puetz

Using Boundaries to Break Generational Cycles

Carolyn Bennett

The Empaths Treehouse - Finding Refuge in Nature


Boundaries Unleashed: Embracing Empathy, Freedom, and Vitality

Tree Franklyn

The Power of Mastering Your Energy To Create Your Dream Life

Andrea Sadler

Embody Your Soul, Elevate Your Purpose

Bevin E. Niemann

Codependent? Independent? Interdependent?

Lauren Sapala

Empaths and boundaries

Marti Forrest

Create Freedom through Clear Boundaries

Michael R. Smith


Nadia Ahrens

Hypnosis, boundaries & energy fields

Caroline Palmy

Say YES to yourself by creating healthy boundaries

Charity Murphy

Unstoppable with Boundaries

Dave Markowitz

Healing for Empaths & Highly Sensitive Persons

Patrice Pugh

How creating boundaries is important in trauma recovery

Sandi and Melissa Schwartz

Highly Sensitive Children

Lisa Campion

Empath Empowerment: Protection Against Energy Vampires

Naomi Harrington

Empaths and Energetic Boundaries

Nicole Starbuck

Protecting Yourself from Energy Vampires

Stephanie Sahanow

Handling Boundary Violations

Tracy Hall

Boundaries start with me


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